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Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
-ashbury clinic and terence hallinan organized in mississippi freedom writers on cole street. i would come home at night and was the university of the haight-ashbury. i had never heard anything like that and i was the first time i got the idea of segregated health care in the south. and we would go over to their office at 81980 and everything since hallinan in that mix was also eddie brown. so that's another thing about your book as there is this group of lawyers -- would testify in court cases for tony sir. nic was tony with tommy stories. he was this incredible storyteller. he was not good at finance. his idea he was driver car coming to so many tickets you want the police take it away. he never paid any bills. >> i just want to say when david called me up to be interviewed about the book, i said god, can we even remember that time. and it was a really weird moment in the sun and hunter thompson was night manager at the theater and i have lived with already mitchell and jim mitchell and david talbot k. mastiff he could follow us. i was actually going out. >> i was a reporter, not a stalker. w
Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
out of mississippi and other places. it was happening right there in georgia. we were at the courthouse that night, standing -- because they war counting the paper ballots and we were watching them count the ballots, and out of the back room the gator walked past us and spoke. then he realized after walking a few feet away he had just spoken to sheryl sherrod. he was angry because we had been having meetings and my father kept saying do not put another johnson in office. so he walked a few feet away and came back and said, i take that back. i didn't know who you were. and so he is standing there, with a gun on his side, and my husband is standing there, and they are staring each other -- just staring at each other, and i was about to have a heart attack, because i knew, even with all of those people in the room, that gator was just mean enough to pull his gun out with everyone there to shoot. but someone ran outside and got his son, the one would was running for office, and then he ran in there and grabbed his daddy by the arm and said, come on, just leave that alone.
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
. and yet of course waterways like the mississippi river flood banks of the colorado river about interconnected. they flow through multiple states. how do you think about the nexus between the locals and the inner connectivity with the broader watershed? i'm going to get you to respond as well. if things are local, the problems are local, how do you connect them? your thoughts as you work on water. >> to having to stand? >> yes, please. in the first all, i think you mentioned questions in that it got a lot of applause for your remarks at the beginning. [applause] >> i'm used to being in this position and it is one of the most difficult when there are downstream and packs with the upstream property owners are collaborators have to sacrifice in some way or collaborate for the benefit i removed from that deathly to finger-pointing. one of the most important principles, with a on regulatory consensus builder or a regulatory enforcement official is still the cited the need for local stakeholders to be bought and am committed to the solution and that the way you can act, whether it tnd
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, north carolina and virginia. they're gone. democrats are changed. it's an essay question that there's a gulf between the two parties. democrats are far more uniform to the pool party and when you were the majority party. cert when you came came to the house and even most recently. so was that on one side change? >> no mark, it is a novel insight, but i look to the roster of ways and means when i entered in the next two years. i did that yesterday. and there's been a change in the composition with the democrats and republicans. and i regret what's happened. i think redistrict teen has really very much diminished competition. in the 90s, i was in a marginals he then had four contested elections. a few of us were talking yesterday about some of the ads they ran in this contested election. they were difficult. i think we need more of them. but let me be very clear about what my feeling is. there have been some change in the democratic ranks, but compared to the republican ranks, i think there has been considerably less change. i regret that there are far b
Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm EST
mississippi through iowa and south dakota and rivers where lewis and clark march enmeshed with the dream of our first secretary of state, thomas jefferson that would advance into the last to experience a journey that took me to alabama where he stood silently for a much talked to king appreciative stream and tipped my fingers into the top of birmingham where water flows over the name of those murdered steve bullock that are just registering to vote to see the latter chicle uncovers the dark or sparing justice maypole down like waters and righteousness at the mighty stream. i drove of course the hoover dam and i wondered if they did at what america can accomplish when we want to, when we put our minds to it. driving across the globe gate bridge at john, i reminded it was built at the height of the great depression and so many feared that our best days were behind us. what i've seen and heard and learned traveling across the country as a senator from massachusetts has prepared me more for my travels to other countries and secretary of state than a t
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
that covers alabama, mississippi, southern illinois. so willing to good to three in the clip. so we're there. but that said -- the clip does change. the assault clip changes the type of gun. it dramatically changes it. two, i do think a comprehensive background check that deals with criminal activity would be essential to closing the loophole. the seller pieces you can. i think he has to direct the attorney general as a measure of each u.s. attorney, what they're doing on gun prosecutions. we have a u.s. attorney position here in the city of chicago that opened up. our gun prosecutions in the city, compared to other utah attorneys, lags other ones. there should be a standard and they should be measured and have to report, and that is within the executive authority because you have gun laws that sit on the books and do not get prosecuted, while we're adding other ones. i think they should hold the u.s. attorneys to a standard. that something the president can do. >> here's the kind of passion on each side of the debate. let me just do something about this audience. how many of you have ever f
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6